Studio Etiquette & Policies

Even though we know that each practice is individual, we also acknowledge that the studio is a shared space. It is our wish that each and every student has the best experience possible, The Yoga Center requests that all students be respectful of our guidelines and policies.

Before Class

  • Please sign in with the staff person at the reception desk upon arrival.
  • A signed release and intake form is required of all students who practice in the studio. You can print this ahead of time and bring it with you to the studio to save time, otherwise, please arrive early in anticipation of completing paperwork.
  • All class cards expire in 6 months. Purchase a package you will be able to utilize in that time.
  • Turn off all cell phones and pagers. Anything that disturbs the practice should be powered down or left outside the studio.
  • Please remove your shoes upon entering the studio and place them neatly along the sides of the stairs. This is for cleanliness and in respect for the ancient tradition of the East.
  • Place clothes and personal belongings on the clothes hooks or under the built-in benches outside the classroom.
  • Refrain from wearing perfumes or other strongly scented fragrances.
  • Wear modest, respectful, non-binding clothes. Excessively baggy clothing may make it difficult for instructors to see your alignment. It is best to practice in your bare feet.
  • There are places for valuables in the props storage area within the room. It is recommended that you use this space for anything valuable as the entry area may not be monitored during class.
  • If you are pregnant or have had any other health changes, please inform the instructor before class.
  • Plan to arrive at least five minutes before the scheduled class time to check in, store your belongings and settle in to your practice space. If you arrive late, PLEASE wait until the conclusion of the opening meditation and/or invocation to enter the room.
  • Practice on an empty stomach. It is best not to eat a large meal two hours prior to practice.
  • Please bring or purchase your own mat as it personalizes your practice and it is more hygienic. Complementary community mats are available in the studio.

During Class

  • Listen closely to your body. Pushing yourself into pain is not part of any yoga practice.

After Class

  • Return all props back to the location you found them. Carefully fold the blankets and stack them fringe-side to the back of the props cupboard. Remember the three A’s of Anusara when returning your props (Attitude, Alignment and Action).
  • Talk with your Teacher or near by Instructor to see what classes work best for you.

Meditation Series – Pre-register only

Meditation can increase your health, mental clarity, stabilize emotions and improve the quality of your life. Learn posture, breath & several tools every Tuesday 5:45-6:45pm in Holladay.

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Intro to Yoga – FREE

Offering  beginners yoga at Holladay every week. Join us on Saturday 10:45am for Free Yoga. (Excluding Special Event Weekends)


We Honor The Light Within You

The Yoga Center in Holladay is one of the original studios founded in the Salt Lake valley and where we continue our radiant heritage in the valley.